Journey Beyond Ego



Now the question becomes:  How do you shift out of the ego mode of thinking? How do you learn to BE in the essential mode of thinking, being and doing?



Practice #1

Notice when you are in the Ego mode of thinking.  That means just notice what is going on in the Theater  of your Mind!

For instance:

Notice if you are creating a drama about the circumstances and your energy is playing out the drama in your body.

 Notice if you are being right and making others wrong.

                    Notice if you are jealous or angry.

Notice if your are judging.

Notice your assumptions.

Just notice, be aware, observe. At first you won't remember to notice. The more you practice, the faster you will notice. This is the first step in being able to choose where you want to be, in the Ego mode or the Essential mode? CHOOSING is a portal!!! By accessing your freedom to choose, you are transported.

Observing when you are in Ego mode is one step out of the Ego trap.

Practice #2

Lighting people up! To play this game, look people in the eye (clerks, passers by, etc.) and from the space of LOVE, smile at them. Some people will light up and send LOVE back to you. Some won't. It can actually feel like an energy exchange. Keep playing, it lights YOU up!

Practice #3

Be Generous: Give money, acknowledgments, time. Whatever arises out of LOVE.

P ractice #4


 Whenever you resist something you have to do, or experience a drama you cannot escape, you can create a new context that shifts your energy to a higher state. For example, let's say you have to clean the bathroom (Feels like work, resistance arises).  Instead of seeing it as "work," create the context that you are "creating harmony"  in your home.   This is a fantastic tool!

Take a circumstance where you are in a situation that you feel compelled to change because it is so unpleasant. At that moment the context is "UNBEARABLE CIRCUMSTANCE." A new context would shift the way the circumstances are seen and, therefore, shift the energy and open up a new possibility for action that is inspiring.

Example: You are in a relationship that feels unbearable. The new context would be that the person is your SPIRITUAL TEACHER and the current relationship is an opportunity for you to grow spiritually, i.e., learn  to become your Essential Self. This is not about changing the circumstances, it is about transforming who you are BEING.

Practice #5
Mining the Gold: This is an art form. It may take time to master. To Mine the Gold, listen to someone's Ego chatter and look below the surface to see where there is a commitment to something that is aligned with Oneness.

Example: Someone is criticizing a political candidate and you can hear that they are committed to an issue (like abortion). Even if you are not in agreement with their position, from the perspective of the Essential Self you can see that they have a love for life. At that point, you can acknowledge them for that. In doing so, you are "mining the gold." You are not arguing or making them wrong, you are seeing the love within them, their Essential nature.

Practice #6

Meditation is a way down the rabbit hole.   A simple form of meditation is to focus on your breathing.  Notice it rising and falling, rising and falling.  This takes you into the present moment to who your are Beyond Ego.

It is not easy to stay focused.  You will return again and again to the voice of the Ego.  There are many ways to meditate and all take dedication. Check out a meditation that works for you.  It is seen by many as the most profound way out of the Ego mode.

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