Journey Beyond Ego


In the book THROUGH THE LOOKING-GLASS by Lewis Carroll, Alice climbs up on the Fireplace mantel and pokes at the wall-hung mirror behind the Fireplace and discovers, to her surprise, that she is able to step through it into an alternative reality. Shifting consciousness is stepping through the mirror into a new context, a new energy field, and seeing with new eyes.

From this new "Point of View," the Essential Self:
(some concepts are reiterated to beget deeper meaning)

notices when the mind is caught up in an egoic drama and can "step out of it."

sees possibilities beyond the limits of reason, "out of the box."

creates new contexts (recontextualizes) for situations in order to live life as a creative choice. "Can turn lemons into Lemonade"

creates new ways to respond to circumstances and people.

transforms the energy frequency when caught in the Ego's trap

accepts the Point of View of others as "just a Point of View," not who they are.

uses new eyes to see the "other" beyond their Ego to their essence (their Essential Self).

sees others as equals.

thinks holistically, looks at how things affect the whole.

responds, rather than reacts, to circumstances/people from a space of higher consciousness.

"mines the gold:" looks to find the love inherent in another's Egoic position.

dialogues to find common ground and solutions.

lives life as a model for another way of being, Beyond Ego.

feels compassion for the circumstances of others.

has the Power (aware will) to breakthrough resistance to doing,

feels unconditional love.

The energy frequencies of this dimension range on a continuum:

peace/acceptance        >         enjoyment/joy         >         enthusiasm/possibility

These frequencies are not dependent on the circumstances, they are a way of Being. "The Essential Self responds not as a result of thinking ABOUT reality, but rather, from the state of BEING from which reality is perceived." Paraphrased from David Hawkins again.


In trying to envision a World Beyond Ego, I realized that I had no stored pictures, no memories. To see what the world would be like beyond Ego would involve looking consciously and deliberately from the Context of Oneness and discovering that new world.  It would be an entirely different world, one that would be an expansion of our ordinary reality.

Remember, you are not abandoning the Egoic system of thinking, it is always available for you to use AS A TOOL.



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