Journey Beyond Ego


Connecting to someone who is writing or talking about this higher dimension from their own experience (such as Eckhart Tolle,  Depak Chopra and David Hawkins).

Dancing/Listening to music that shifts your energy: Singing/Sufi Dancing.

Heartmath    Check  out this company online.

Your inner purpose is to become spiritually conscious. You can create an outer purpose that inspires you and contributes to the whole of humankind. For example, creating a project designed to create more unity or a project to feed the homeless in your community.  Eckhardt Tolle

Through participation in consciousness-raising seminars/ workshops that are designed to make you more conscious.(Eckhardt Tolle, Landmark Education, Depak Chopra, Institute of Noetic Science)

Check out The Greater Good Science Center, (Berkeley, Ca.)

           Osho: discover the Buddha (cards)

           Sometimes there are parts of us that     get caught in an ego trap and we cannot get free.  Inner Relationship Focusing is a natural, gentle,  compassionate process that makes us realize the role these parts play in keeping us from moving forward and disengages us from them!

Mary Keeney



When there are enough transformed people, there will be a planetary shift in consciousness (check out Jonas Salk's S-shaped curve and the 100th Monkey story).

How thrilling to think that just by living your life as a transformational game (shifting who your are Being) you contribute to this shift in consciousness. What a meaningful life purposel  Everything else pales in comparison.



As noted in the Welcome section, you need to stay connected to this transformational conversation. My experience, and that of others I know who are on this same path, is that if you don't stay connected, you will forget who you really are and live unaware in the Ego world. It takes vigilance, awareness of who you are, and where you are energetically to build the skills you need to visit the World Beyond Ego. Most of the time you are in the Ego mode of thinking and being, but now you can notice and choose to shift your attention to the Essential mode. With practice you get to stay there for longer periods of time.



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