Journey Beyond Ego

In the Harry Porter books, the "portal" is an opening in the landscape that the characters in the book can step into and be magically transported to another location. The intention behind these couplets is to create an opening for you to be transported to the World Beyond Ego. The first part of the couplet (orange) is designed to connect you to the familiar reality of the Ego. In turquoise is a portal into the world Beyond Ego.

Poetic Portals


Beyond the Theater of my Mind where circles of chatter play and rewind,

Exists the state of Being that is Conscious Joyful, and Kind.


Beyond the reality where past and future reside,

Enter the moment when senses and presence collide.


Beyond participating in an Ego-created drama,

Welcome the Observer free of the clamor.


Beyond Duality and the world of Opposites,

Turn right and step into Oneness.


Beyond the life strategy of playing to be right,

Engage in the transformational game: emitting light.


Beyond the commanding voice of Me, Me, Me.

Listen to the spirit call for generosity.


Beyond the frequency of fear, unrest, and reaction,

Ignite the spirit of love, joy, and acceptance.


Beyond the compulsion to grab a new thought,

Stand in the stillness and watch energy flow where it ought.


Beyond the 2-dimensional scrim that structures duality,

Lift the veil of illusion and see 3-D reality.


Beyond the wall of resistance to doing,

Feel the power of aware will choosing.


Beyond the conditioned program playing out in the theater,

Awake to the freedom of being the conscious creator.


Beyond the project fraught with resistance.

Arises the freedom to choose completion.



It would be very powerful, ( i.e., can produce a shift in consciousness), to create your own couplet, to notice when you are in the throws of the Ego and create a verse to expresses how you would shift out of the Ego trap.

Have a great time playing the Transformational Game of Life.


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