About The Journey

Magic Eye pictures are the ultimate visual metaphor for this journey. In a Magic Eye picture a 3-D image is hidden in a 2-D image and cannot be seen until one shifts focus. On this journey you will discover a hidden part of yourself: a part you may not have been aware of before.  (Afte viewing the image, click on the return arrow to get back to this page)

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You are hereby invited to go on this journey of exploration and discovery. It is an exploration into what goes on in that unfamiliar territory that lies between your ears and behind your eyes, the inner landscape, the mindscape. I call that space "The Theater of the Mind."

It is in this space that you will discover both the conditioned self (the Ego self) AND your UNconditioned self, (your Essential Self). This revelation could be a transformational experience.

SHOULD YOU ACCEPT THIS INVITATION be prepared for an unusual, personal adventure. You will discover things that you didn't know you didn't know, i.e., you didn't know that you didn't know how to tie your shoe when you were six months old.... These discoveries will expand your conscious awareness.

*The journey is a synthesis of my experience and ideas from those referenced in the section, RESOURCES


This introduction includes:

  • A description of the journey
  • Possible outcomes of participation
  • The cost of the journey

It is designed to be a JOURNEY OF POSSIBILITY

Landmark Education distinguishes the REALM OF POSSIBILITY, a domain where anything is possible. How you create "A Possibility" in that realm is to use your words to "paint" (on a blank canvas) a new possibility, The possibility I have created for this journey is that your participation will distinguish the Ego self, reveal your Essential Self, and inspire you to continue distinguishing who you are as a CONSCIOUS BEING.

It is designed to be a consciousness-raising experience

The intention is to take you beyond the surface of your mind and expose a deeper dimension/part of yourself.

An awareness of who you are Beyond Ego: your Spiritual Self, your Essential Self.

An awareness of the difference between Ordinary and Non-ordinary Reality.

The freedom to choose more love, happiness and satisfaction in your life.

An awareness of how to change negative circumstances into an opportunity for spiritual growth and development .

Knowledge of how to "get to" peace of mind.

An awareness of how to RESPOND to people and events deliberately and consciously rather than REACTING automatically and unconsciously.

Awareness of the POSSIBILITY of a World Beyond Ego.

An Awareness of a world that could work for everyone and how you can contribute to making that happen.

This journey introduces you to a new way of thinking, being and doing. You may achieve some of the possible outcomes at the end of this journey. Other outcomes may happen as you continue on your journey of Becoming.

The oly "cost" is your time and atention which translates into your level of commitment. In this case the commitment means getting the information beyond the level of knowledge, i.e., getting it at the level of experience.

The end of this journey is just the beginning of the REAL journey (the rest of your life). As you integrate the new ideas and experiences you gain on this journey, your life will take on another dimension (like seeing a 2-D movie in 3-D). It is another way to play life: with transformational tools. Some of these tools are presented in the section on the navigation bar, Transformational Tools.

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